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To write what you really want to say... can be difficult, even for the experts... I can help you !
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shankar pandiath
About Me

Hi, my name is Shankar Pandiath… although most people call me Shanks!

Am also known as the Marketing Affiliater or the Lazy Writer [Don’t ask for details, that’s a long story!]

I am a freelance content writer with extensive experience across many verticals. I have a passion for content marketing, copy writing, social media and SEO.

The areas in which I specialize are online, affiliate, and internet marketing… content marketing, digital marketing, and SMM (social media marketing)… technology… mental, health & wellness… gadget, movie, book, and new product reviews… HRD...and business and finance sectors…. In short, writing across multiple verticals.

I am passionate about writing and SEO… and can offer you high-quality content... that readers and search engines will love...

I also love help my clients develop a brand… an unique style… using strategic content marketing.

Now a little ABOUT ME…

I am based in Palakkad, Kerala, India…but let’s just say that I have traveled the world a bit… ... I have now been writing and blogging professionally since 2005...I am also not a geek [atleast I think so!]...I have just crossed fifty, and possess considerable business experience… Maybe, I like to keep up with the latest trends… but just about everyone does that! If not at my laptop, I could be traced either watching live sports, movies, cooking, or toying with metaphysics, or out playing with my dogs!

Most businesses just don’t have the time, energy… let alone inclination to sit down and write a blog post…. Besides, there are other jobs that you should be working on… So, if you need someone to say, re-write a copy, write a blog post, or need some content marketing help or even ghostwriting….

That's where I come in!

Leave it to me and I shall take care of all your writing needs… so that you can use your valuable time elsewhere.

I offer a range of content writing services for businesses and individuals…
If your requirement is not listed here… Contact Me  and we can discuss if my skills are a good fit for you.

You can see more of my professional details at my LinkedIn Profile .

Why work with me?

Well... I have experience not only in content writing, but in marketing, SEO, and WordPress as well. So, you really don’t need an expensive web designer!

Perhaps, I am too old to complain... and that makes me easy to work with, and my passion helps your business grow... At least, Well...that's what most of my clients from all over the world tell me...!

Feel free to contact me at (91)-99470-14938, or via or You can also reach me via Skype [ comic301 ]

Is it not time you found out how you can look AWESOME, using the right words!

Let's work out a plan on how I can help your business through high quality content..

Shankar Pandiath

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